Dixie Chopper Mowers a Big Hit at Shriner Parades in South Carolina

Dixie Chopper fast cutting mowers can also do fancy turning maneuvers as demonstrated by eight members of the Shriners organization who have been driving the Dixie Chopper mowers in drill formation at parades throughout South Carolina.

The idea came from Bill Oswald, an outdoor power equipment dealer from Lexington, who though the thousands of people watching the parades would enjoy seeing the mowers in action. If clowns ride motorcycles, scooters and bicycles at these parades, he thought why not lawn mowers.

Oswald asked the people from Dixie Chopper in June 2003 if they would donate eight mowers to drive in the parades, and less than a month later he and seven other “Jamil Jokers” from the Shrine Jamil Temple in Columbia were electrifying parade onlookers. He also is selling at least one mower at every parade.

“The whole thing is really a win-win situation for me, for Dixie Chopper, for other Dixie Chopper dealers in places where the parades are held, and for people watching the parades,” says Oswald.

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