Dow ArgoSciences acquires remaining interest in RohMid from BASF

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 4, 2001) — Dow AgroSciences LLC announced today it has completed its acquisition of the outstanding shares of RohMid LLC, from BASF.  Dow AgroSciences acquired a 50 percent interest in RohMid with the purchase of Rohm and Haas Company's agricultural chemicals business last June. Under the terms of the agreement, Dow AgroSciences will acquire all rights to RohMid and MACH 2*  (halofenozide) turf insecticide, for the U.S. turf market.  The purchase price is undisclosed.


“Similar to the Rohm and Haas agricultural chemicals purchase, the RohMid acquisition supports our growth strategy,” says A. Charles Fischer, president and CEO of

Dow AgroSciences. “Adding MACH 2 further enhances the Dow AgroSciences turf and ornamental product portfolio.”


“Grubs are a problem pest for many turf managers, and MACH 2 provides outstanding preventative and curative performance,” says Bruce Miehle, Dow AgroSciences general manager for turf, ornamental and technical products in the U.S.  “Since its introduction in 1998, MACH 2 has been extremely well received by professional turf managers.  We're excited to add this very successful product to our portfolio.”


MACH 2 (an acronym for molt-accelerating compound halofenozide), available in liquid, granular and on-fertilizer formulations, is labeled for control of white grub larvae, including Japanese beetles, northern and southern masked chafers and May/June beetles; and lepidopterous larvae such as cutworms, sod webworms and armyworms. 


RohMid was established as a joint venture between American Cyanamid Company and Rohm and Haas in 1995.  With the acquisition of the American Home Products crop protection business in July 2000, BASF acquired the American Cyanamid Company's interest in RohMid. 


Under RohMid’s joint venture agreement, the sale of the American Home Products crop protection business triggered Rohm and Haas’ right to acquire the remaining 50 percent interest in RohMid.  Dow AgroSciences exercised this right as the new owner of Rohm and Haas’ former agricultural division.


John Rabby, group vice president of BASF Agricultural Products, North America

added, “BASF will continue to focus on marketing its proprietary product portfolio of herbicides, fungicides and fumigants to the turf and ornamental industry.”


Dow AgroSciences LLC, based in Indianapolis, is a global leader in providing pest management and biotechnology products that improve the quality and quantity of the earth's food supply and contribute to the safety, health and qualify of life in the world's growing population.  Dow AgroSciences has approximately 6,000 people in over 50 countries dedicated to its business, and has worldwide sales of approximately U.S. $3 billion.  Dow AgroSciences is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.  For more information about Dow AgroSciences, visit


The BASF Agricultural Products business in North America, Specialty Products Department, markets a wide range of innovative products and active ingredients for the forestry, turf, ornamental, pest control, and industrial vegetation markets.  Its headquarters are in Research Triangle Park, N.C. It is a unit of BASF Global Agricultural Products Division located in Mount Olive, N.J. with expected sales of 3.6 billion Euro in 2001. BASF Specialty Products Department can also be found on the Internet at

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