Echo Incorporated Appoints Power Blower Noise Specialist

Echo Incorporated recently appointed Larry Will to handle issues regarding power blower noise education and management. As the former vice president of engineering for Echo Incorporated, Will brings more than twenty years of experience to this new position.

As Echo's designated power blower noise specialist, Will's major objectives include increasing consumer awareness of power blower product availability, and providing enhanced operator training in proper power blower use. Through educational materials, media interviews and speaking engagements, Will promotes the safe, considerate use of power blowers, and communicates how Echo – and the industry at large – is diligently working to improve power blower designs and minimize operating noise levels.

Will has created a variety of on- and offline resources for consumers, operators, dealers and distributors in an effort to help manage the power blower noise issue. These include materials on power blower noise-reduction technology, the cost-effectiveness of power blowers versus hand tools and usage tips for operators to help maintain quiet operation in noise-sensitive environments. In addition, he regularly delivers presentations throughout the United States and participates in public awareness campaigns for industry and civic associations.

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