EETC changes name of certification

The Equipment & Engine Training Council announced today that it is changing the name of the "OPE Technicians Certification" to "EETC Technicians Certification". "There has been a lot of confusion on the part of service technicians regarding the origin of the certification tests they have been taking," said Jim Roche, Executive Director of the EETC. "We want to clear up any confusion that may exist. We will also be redesigning the patch and chevrons the technician receives to reflect this new change."

If there are concerns about specific questions used in the tests, technicians can contact the EETC. If there are questions about where a technician can take a test, he/she can contact OPEESA.

"We are excited to announce that we will be doing a total revision of the tests and study guides," said Roche. "These revisions are a direct result of the positive input we have received from technicians who have taken the tests as well as John Kane, Executive Director of OPEESA. "The normal test season starts in the fall of each year and the new tests and study guides will be a great plus for the upcoming season," said John.

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