Fenway Gets Flag

In a tribute to America, David Mellor, the head groundskeeper at Boston`s Fenway Park, mowed an American flag (measuring 140 feet by 75 feet) into centerfield for last week`s four-game series between the Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles.

Mellor changes the way America watches baseball with his innovative waves, diamonds and other designs etched onto the field at Boston`s Fenway Park and other ballparks. In his new book to be released on June 4 (Picture Perfect: Mowing Techniques for Lawns, Landscapes and Sports), Mellor explains how anyone can turn his or her turf into a showplace.

Mellor, now the director of grounds for the Boston Red Sox, first came up with the idea of eye-catching designs in grass in 1993, after a Paul McCartney concert in Milwaukee`s County Stadium greatly damaged the field. To draw the crowd`s attention away from the worn parts of the field, Mellor, then an assistant at that facility, created a striking design in the ballpark`s infield. The innovation quickly caught on in ballparks and fields across the nation. And soon he crafted patterns of greater and greater complexity.

Now Mellor has literally written the book on the subject.

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