Husqvarna Promotion Reaches New Heights

Husqvarna’s current “Feel The Power” marketing campaign has reached new heights —literally—as a promotional banner was unfurled on top of 20,320-foot Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest mountain.

Husqvarna’s John Turner is an avid climber and veteran of many mountain ascents. This was his second ascent on Mt. McKinley. Turner packed the “Feel The Power” banner on the trip and posted it at every camp on the way to the top. In fact, his colleagues on the climb began to look forward to the banner appearing because it came to symbolize the successful completion of a tough day of mountaineering.

The climb took two weeks, with Turner and his group reaching the summit on June 25.

Mount McKinley, in Denali National Park, Alaska, is considered by the international mountaineering community as one of the seven most difficult summits in the world. Winds of 90 miles per hour and -90° degree wind chill factors are not uncommon. Extreme cold, high winds, avalanches, crevasses and high altitude sickness are among the many threats to the well-being of climbers.

During his trip, Turner came to appreciate the global recognition of the Husqvarna brand. Because Mt. McKinley is a destination for climbers from around the world, he met Russians, Koreans, and Swedes who were familiar with the company and wanted to talk about its products.

Turner is already researching an expedition for next year: either to the Himalayas or the highest peaks in South America. Whatever his plans turn out to be, no doubt Turner will once again take Husqvarna into new frontiers.

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