Indiana requires pesticide licenses for retailers

Office of the Indiana State Chemist offers retail pesticide consultants registration and training online.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The State of Indiana is pioneering a program that will help homeowners use pesticides effectively and safely. A new Internet-based program designed by Kelly Registration Systems (KRS), a Georgia-based company that develops regulatory compliance programs for state departments and agencies, will ensure that the personnel in retail establishments who sell gardening and pest control products are equipped to provide accurate and helpful recommendations.

According to Indiana law and recently enacted regulations, all retail establishments in the state that sell gardening and pest control products and offer recommendations on their use must be licensed as consultants, while their sales associates must be trained to knowledgeably disseminate product information. The State approved KRS on-line registration and training module serves both the state and the retailer by providing the establishment registration and retail sales associate training online solving two challenges: the costly and time-consuming associate training cycle and the volume of paper anticipated by the state for establishment registration.

This program will allow online payment of the registration fee by credit card and actually issue the establishment registration certificate and the completion award to associates satisfying the training requirements. Each retailer subject to the requirement can complete the registration form online while their sales associates who offer pesticide advice and recommendations can be taking the training on the store's computer. The dollar and time savings to the business is significant. These Internet compliance options are available for modest fees. The Office of the Indiana State Chemist and KRS are currently offering the Retail Pesticide Consultant Program at to certain retail stores.

"In the case of a pesticide, a salesperson may not identify the different types of insects and other pests, or which pesticide works best on each type," says Dave Scott, Pesticide Administrator for the Office of the Indiana State Chemist. "A misguided recommendation could result in the product being completely ineffective. More important, improper advice and use of a pesticide could lead to human or environmental harm. For these reasons, the Indiana Pesticide Review Board adopted regulations to address this problem."

Retailers have the option of devising their own training or selecting a program that satisfies the following requirements: (1) Importance of pesticide labeling; (2) Safety in use and handling of pesticides; (3) Identifying target pest organism; (4) Proper pesticide storage and disposal; (5) Proper pesticide application rate and timing; and (6) Employee and customer safety. The KRS online Retail Pesticide Consultant Program is easily accessible, easy to understand and easy to navigate. All results are immediately relayed to the Office of the Indiana State Chemist, saving time and paperwork.

"We understand the importance of pesticide safety in this country and wanted to help Indiana with this precedent setting program," says Tom Johnson, KRS Marketing and Communication Director. "The online registration and training program's features make it simple for retail establishments to comply with the Regulation , help assure the effectiveness of the products sold, and add value to their customer service by ensuring the accuracy of key pesticide use related information."

After a retail establishment submits the online registration form and remits credit card payment, its sales associates who need training can set their own log-in name and password and move through the training course at their own pace. The associate training program is equipped with a comprehensive glossary of terms, knowledge-testing questions and examples, and a search module. The system records an individual's progress through each lesson. When complete, the program issues an official "certificate of completion."

For more information on services offered by KRS, visit the company's Web site at For retail stores in Indiana, assistance with training materials or providing training to groups of employees may be obtained by contacting Purdue Pesticide Programs (Cooperative Extension Service) at (765) 494-1284.

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