Latest on Japanese beetles

We were expecting adult beetles very early this year and would likely have been in the middle of them already had we not experienced below-normal temperatures in early June.

We have many in the pupal stages right now, just waiting to pop out when temperatures rise. (We actually had our first emergence of an adult in the Lafayette area [the first week in June]—our earliest ever recorded.) The real potential problem that we are seeing right now is that many second instar grubs entered the winter last fall. They are not as developed as they should be and may require several more weeks of feeding yet this spring. This means that they will come out as adults much later than normal this summer. This translates into a year where the beetles will likely come out earlier but may also remain out longer in the season, thus extending the window of beetle activity. Obviously, this is not good news for those looking to control them.

There may be a silver lining though, because even though we do not yet have real good feel on how intense the population will be this year, generally the wetter the spring the higher the beetle mortality.

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