Local organizations give Olympic effort

Swingle Tree and Landscape Company is teaming up with Denver Digs Trees to support the Olympic effort of international citizenry through planting trees. The Salt Lake Olympic Committee (SLOC) has set up a program for people around the world to plant trees to try to make the world a better place.


Plant It Green 2002 is the program that was set up to bring the world together in an effort to continue improve the global environment. The goal was to have two million trees planted around the world by the opening ceremonies. The SLOC is stressing planning and future maintenance as a major part of the tree plantings so that all of the plantings are successful and can benefit the world.


Given the environment of Colorado, planting trees before the month of February is not very applicable. Both Swingle and Denver Digs Trees are going to dedicate all of their tree plantings of 2002 to the Olympic spirit of making the world a healthier place. Between the two organizations, they are estimating to plant around 3,000 trees this year.


For more information, contact Dean Griess of Swingle Tree and Landscape Company at (303) 337-6200.

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