Merit labeled for use on sod farms

In order for sod to thrive once it is installed, it requires a strong, healthy root system. The damage caused by feeding grubs is a direct threat to that root system, so it’s little wonder that the presence of even a few grubs triggers alarm in customers.


Now, sod growers offer grub-free sod to their customers, thanks to Merit Insecticide from Bayer Corporation Professional Care, which is now labeled for use on sod farms.


Merit is a preventative treatment that controls all major white grub species before they become a problem. The long-lasting residual of Merit means one application each season, between early spring and mid-August, will protect sod from grubs.


Labeling for sod farm use is now available for Merit 2, Merit 75 WSP and Merit 75 WP. Supplemental labels for the use of Merit on sod farms can be found on the Bayer Web site,, or by calling the Bayer Customer Care Center at (800) 842-8020.


Not available in Alaska, California, New York or Puerto Rico.

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