Name change for McGinnis Farms, Inc.

McGinnis Farms, Inc. has changed its name to John Deere Landscapes. Deere & Company recently acquired the wholly-owned subsidiary, headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga.

“This name change allows us to create a larger vision of what John Deere Landscapes will become,” said John Jenkins, president of the Worldwide Commercial and Consumer Equipment Division. “Instead of serving just regional markets, John Deere Landscapes aspires to become a national supplier of products and services.”

McGinnis Farms, Inc. has operated branches under four trade names: McGinnis Farms, Jenco Wholesale Nursery, Pipe ‘n Heads and Plantlands. The new acquisition unifies all operations under a single trade name.

John Deere Landscapes was founded in 1987 by Stan Walker. It distributes landscape-related products such as ornamental nursery stock, landscaping supplies, irrigation products and landscape lighting. The business operates 50 branches in 12 states across the southeast and south central United States. 

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