New Herbicide Active Receives EPA Clearance

PBI/Gordon Corporation received EPA acceptance for three new herbicides containing the active ingredient carfentrazone-ethyl for use in turf on September 27, 2001.

This is the first turf registration for the compound carfentrazone-ethyl. The new combination products will be called SpeedZone, SpeedZone St. Augustine Formula and PowerZone and will be marketed under Gordon’s new ProForm brand. All three new products contain carfentrazone-ethyl in combination with phenoxies and dicamba. Adding phenoxy actives and dicamba broadens the weed control spectrum and adds systemic activity to the contact activity of carfentrazone-ethyl for multiple modes of action. In 1998, PBI/Gordon obtained the exclusive United States non-agricultural marketing rights to carfentrazone-ethyl in combinations from FMC Corporation.

“Carfentrazone is a truly new and unique active from the protox inhibitor class of chemistry,” said Doug Obermann, Product Manager for Gordon’s professional products. A great deal of research on protox inhibitors, including carfentrazone-ethyl, has been done at Rutgers University. Protox inhibitors have a different mode of action than that of traditional phenoxy and benzoic acid herbicides. “The plant response even looks different,” explained Obermann. Since SpeedZone and PowerZone are combination products, users will still see some leaf and stem curl, but the carfentrazone-ethyl in the formulation causes the weeds to turn brown and crisp. “The weed just dries up and blows away,” Obermann said.

Users will quickly notice the fast response of new SpeedZone™ , especially in controlling clover and spurge. “It smokes them in about a week,” reported Obermann. “They’ll see visual results in 24 hours or less and dead weeds in days. Clover has been wiped out without a trace in less than a week with some applications,” continued Obermann. “There is nothing else on the market that even comes close to this activity,” he said.

Another unique feature of SpeedZone is cool weather performance. The product actually performs faster in cooler weather. “It will be a great product for early spring and late fall,” said Obermann. The product gives exceptional cool weather weed control with application temperatures of 50 degrees F and night temperatures in the 40s. “It’s rain fast in three hours and customers will get to see the result of late fall applications because of the phenomenal speed of the product,” continues Obermann. “Combining all these benefits in an extremely low odor formulation gives turf managers something really new for their weed control programs. And all of our new herbicides contain carfentrazone, which is considered a reduced risk pesticide by EPA,” Obermann said. PowerZone displays all the unique features of the two SpeedZone products and offers the market an alternative phenoxy.

For more information concerning SpeedZone, SpeedZone St. Augustine Formula or PowerZone, visit or call 1-800-821-7925.

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