New Mach 2 application rate is the same for all grubs

Grub treatments just became easier with an application rate change for MACH 2 specialty insecticide. A newly approved federal label states that all white grub larvae can be treated at 2 pounds of active ingredient (halofenozide) per acre. The previous MACH 2 label specified a range of 1.5 to 2 pounds of active ingredient per acre depending on the grub. The label change applies to both liquid and granular formulations.


MACH 2 provides season-long grub control, aided by a wide application window that allows grub treatment through the second instar. Granular and on-fertilizer formulations are approved for use on golf courses and residential lawns. Liquid formulations are registered for commercial site uses, including golf courses. MACH 2 is also labeled for control of secondary pests such as cutworms, webworms, armyworms and fall armyworms.


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