NGCOA and NGF to study rounds played

The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) and the National Golf Foundation (NGF) announced today that they are joining forces to conduct a national study of golf facility rounds played. The study will be launched immediately with results available in April.

"The NGCOA/NGF study of rounds played will be the official measurement of this important golf business indicator for GOLF 20/20 and the golf industry," said Ruffin Beckwith, Senior Vice President of Golf Development for the World Golf Foundation, and Director of the GOLF 20/20 initiative."

Mike Hughes, executive director of the NGCOA, explained that his organization's interest in the study stemmed from requests from his members for a better measurement of rounds played, a critical indicator of the health of the golf facility business. "Not only have our member owners requested this information, but we also wanted to help GOLF 20/20 by making this key industry indicator available to them as well," said Hughes. "Teaming up with the NGF made perfect sense given our broad membership base and their research capabilities," he added.

Joe Beditz, NGF president and CEO, indicated that discussions about the research began months ago and included Hughes and Beckwith. "We've known all along that to measure our progress in growing the game we are going to need a more comprehensive assessment of rounds played. This collaborative effort between the NGCOA and the NGF is a good example of how GOLF 20/20 is bringing people together to work on key initiatives."

The rounds played study will involve the distribution of a survey to every golf course facility in the United States. Facility operators will be asked to report their total rounds played activity over the 2000 and 2001 periods. "With the results of this survey, we will be able to make a valid projection as to the number of rounds that were played in the U.S. over the past two years," said Hughes, whose organization will take the lead role in distributing the survey. "We hope that every facility operator will take the time to fill out the survey to help us get the most representative sample possible," he added. The NGF will analyze the data received and results will be released jointly by the NGCOA and the NGF and GOLF 20/20.

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