NGF/NGCOA Launch NGF InfoNet

The National Golf Foundation, with the endorsement of the National Golf Course Owners Association, has launched an Internet-based data collection tool for golf facilities to use in tracking their own performance and comparing it to local, regional and national statistics. The system allows users to share data confidentially, view information online and generate ad hoc reports.

Working in cooperation with the NGCOA and several of the leading golf course management companies including American Golf Corporation (Santa Monica, Calif.) and Meadowbrook Golf (Championsgate, Fla.) to design the concept, the NGF has partnered with NemEx Inc., a Summit, N.J.-based Internet application service provider to develop NGF InfoNet.

"A great deal of thought went into the design and concept of NGF InfoNet," says Joe Beditz, president and CEO of the NGF. "What has emerged is a product that is applicable for both the single course facility and the multi-course operator. In our initial research for the system, we discovered that many course owners and operators already share this information with one another on an informal basis," he says. "NGF InfoNet provides a technological solution to facilitate these discussions. It gives operators the tools to get more information faster and in greater depth."

"The reasons for the NGCOA endorsement of NGF InfoNet are numerous," said NGCOA Executive Director Mike Hughes. "First and foremost is to provide timely and accurate data for golf course owners and operators to support their decision-making process. NGF InfoNet will facilitate and validate their comparisons so operators can properly assess and evaluate their facilities' performance. Another good reason," explains Hughes, "is to support the industry communication plans forming through GOLF 20/20. The data collected through NGF InfoNet will allow for more informed discussion on the state of the industry."

NGF InfoNet users will log on to a password-protected site that allows only authorized users to submit and view information. To ensure accuracy and consistency, all data collected will be regularly monitored and reviewed by the NGF. NGF InfoNet will ultimately replace the data collection the NGF has done over the past 20 years using traditional pen and paper methods and reported through its Operating and Financial Performance Profiles of Golf Facilities. "NGF InfoNet will now provide this information in real time via the Internet directly to participating facilities," says Beditz.

About the NGF

The National Golf Foundation is a membership-based organization providing information and insights on the business of golf. Founded in 1936, the NGF now has 6,000+ members representing a broad cross-section of the industry. Members include equipment manufacturers; media; facilities and ranges; golf course architects, builders and developers; retailers; associations and turf maintenance suppliers. For more information about the National Golf Foundation, please visit our web site.

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