Polaris Professional Series Teams with Curtis Cabs

Polaris Industries’ (NYSE: PII) announces that it will source cab systems for its Professional Series line of commercial utility task vehicles (UTVs) to Curtis Cab Co. of Worcester, Mass. In its 35 years, Curtis has become a leading international cab manufacturer and their vehicle cab systems are widely regarded as the class of the industry.

Curtis is manufacturing both hard-sided and soft-sided cab systems for the Polaris Professional Series UTVs. Polaris is the only utility vehicle manufacturer that offers commercial users a cab system for utility vehicles that is FOPS/ROPS certified. A FOPS/ROPS certified cab system not only provides greater operator safety when working on uneven terrain or on sites with cranes or other large equipment, it also further increases the vehicle’s optimization.

The soft doors on the Curtis cabs are “Jeep Style” with metal-framed handles, latches and hinges. The doors have a 360-degree rubber seal and key locking handles along with windows that zip down for ventilation. Curtis’ hard doors for the UTVs feature deluxe sliding windows. Both door types are pin-hinged and can be easily removed in seconds.

The cabs for the utility task vehicles combine both style and functionality as evidenced by the molded automotive style safety glass front window. For added ventilation, the operator can lock the windshield in the open position. When the conditions don’t allow an open windshield, a 12-volt heavy duty electric wiper keeps the surface clean.

Even greater comfort can be provided to the operator by adding an optional heater/defroster, an overhead console with am / fm cassette radio, air circulation fan, and auxiliary accessory switch / fuse panel. Accessory overhead halogen work lamps, passenger windshield wiper and oversized rearview mirror are also available.

“It’s a perfect partnership,” said Tony Wixo, product manager for the Polaris Professional Series. “Polaris sets the bar for utility vehicles and Curtis is the No.1 name in cabs.”

“The timing was right”, said Fred Curtis, Jr., president of Curtis Cab Co., “Curtis Cab Co. has realized a tremendous quality surge within our product development group over the last 5 years. The new cab products for Polaris come to market at the peak of that quality evolution and therefore maximize value to the consumer.”

“With a cab system, a utility vehicle can be used year-round in the harshest of winter environments,” said Polaris’ Wixo. “You can attach a plow blade or a power broom and comfortably and cost effectively use your UTV to clear parking lots and sidewalks even when the temperature drops below zero.”

WorkmobilesTM highlight the Polaris Professional Series including the company’s UTV (utility task vehicles) 2x4, 4x4 and 6x6, the UTV 1500 2x4, the PTV (Personal Task Vehicle) 4x4 and 6x6, and the ASL 300 All Surface Loader. Polaris also offers a complete line of attachments, accessories, pumps and generators.

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