Project EverGreen Becomes New Name For Evergreen Foundation

The Evergreen Foundation is changing its name to Project EverGreen to better reflect its proactive goals to promote and defend the Green Industry. The organization exists to raise the awareness of the environmental, economic and lifestyle benefits of landscapes and maintained properties—and promote the significance of those who preserve and enhance green spaces at home, work and play.

“The name change more accurately reflects the urgency of our cause,” says Paul McDonough, co-chair of the board of directors of the newly named Project EverGreen. “It’s a name that more clearly describes our efforts to conduct a national marketing campaign. We need to educate and enlighten consumers and Green Industry professionals about all the benefits of well-maintained green spaces, but we also need to defend our industry against imminent threats.”

The five-year-old organization developed this direction and mission in mid-2003. Project EverGreen is an alliance of Green Industry service providers (end-users), associations, suppliers/distributors, media companies and others. In late 2004 or early 2005, depending on financial support from service providers and others, Project EverGreen will launch a national marketing campaign to U.S. consumers promoting the positive effects of well-maintained lawns and landscapes, sports turf, golf courses, parks, etc.

Phil Fogarty, co-chair of the Project EverGreen board of directors with McDonough, says 2004 contributions thus far are in excess of $300,000—approximately one-third of the way to the group’s goal. Beginning July 1, Project EverGreen will contact about 200 companies and other associations to continue its drive to raise $1 million in contributions to start the consumer campaign.

“We are gratified that our 2003 contributors have stepped up again with contributions, but we’ve only just begun this effort. Without the support of en-users, whether small service providers or large, we cannot move forward. We can’t rely on suppliers alone to fund this effort. This is a grassroots effort and we must, at the local level, defend and grow our industry. That’s what Project EverGreen is all about,” Fogarty says. “We’ve struck a chord with Green Industry associations, suppliers and end-users thus far. We believe our goal of raising $1 million for the organization will be met this year. Then, unlike any other national campaign like this in the past, we’ll focus on grassroots consumer marketing efforts.”

McDonough says Project EverGreen appeals to Green Industry professionals and consumers to contribute to the project’s protection efforts, urging them to invest in the industry’s future and prevent recurring or more widespread and onerous attacks in the form of pesticide bans, water and planting restrictions and product elimination due to noise and pollution regulations. He said Canada has already enacted such restrictions and Project EverGreen is working to prevent similar crippling restrictions in the United States.

The fund-raising communications campaign to the Green Industry begins in full in June and will run through the fall. “At that point, we should have the funding to begin the consumer campaign,” says Den Gardner, executive director of Project EverGreen. “Many major associations in the Green Industry and leading suppliers and end-users are already joined in this historic effort. Now, we are eager for the full support of every Green Industry company and association to truly make this an industry-wide effort.”

For more information, contact Executive Director Den Gardner at 1-877-758-4835. To make a contribution to Project EverGreen, mail to: Project EverGreen, P.O. Box 156, New Prague, MN, 56071. Project EverGreen is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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