Royster-Clark To Manufacture And Distribute Fertilizer Containing Nitamin

Nitamin nitrogen technology developed and patented by Georgia-Pacific Resins, Inc. (GPRI) will be used as the nitrogen source in a new granular fertilizer product to be manufactured by Royster-Clark, Inc. The companies agreed that Royster-Clark will distribute the Nitamin-containing granular product to the agricultural and professional turf markets.

Royster-Clark's new granular product, sold under their Rainbow brand, is a homogeneous blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), with Nitamin as the nitrogen source. All three primary nutrients are present on each granule, resulting in uniform distribution. The first Nitamin-containing granular product available from Royster-Clark is a 14-4-7 formulation. Additional formulations will be available to the marketplace soon. Royster-Clark will also distribute GPRI’s Nitamin liquid fertilizer – as a 30-0-0 formulation – and GPRI’s unique Nitamin Coated Sand product.

“We consider Nitamin to be the first totally new molecular nitrogen structure and believe that it will translate into real value for our customers,” stated Macon Parker, managing director for Royster-Clark. "We are proud to offer fertilizer products that contain Nitamin as the nitrogen source of choice. The results will speak for themselves."

Nitamin’s steady-delivery mechanism ensures that a sufficient supply of nitrogen is continually available so that turf and crops have an optimal supply of nitrogen throughout the growing season. Studies have shown that Nitamin binds to the soil and stays there, even in heavy rain, reducing nitrogen loss through leaching. Its steady-delivery profile and low levels of salt and biuret minimize the risk of plant burn.

Raised bed studies (on green peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage) conducted by GPRI demonstrate significant yield improvements with Nitamin fertilizer as compared to urea. Studies at the Big Canoe Golf Club in Big Canoe, Ga., have demonstrated turf grow-in that was over 2 weeks faster than grow-in with conventional turf establishment techniques. The resulting turf was also denser and the difference was still evident 5 months after application.

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