Scientific Microbial Analysis and Treatment for Turfgrass

Cycle Works, LLC, a Lafayette, Colorado-based leader in environmentally sound soil amendments and other turfgrass health technologies for golf courses and athletic facilities, announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement with Phoenix, Arizona-based BBC Laboratories, Inc. Under the agreement, Cycle Works adds BBC Labs’ highly respected analysis and customized treatment programs to its line of products and services.

“In turfgrass, there’s no fudging on results,” says Shelley Ludington, principal of Cycle Works, LLC. “Everything we do is geared toward delivering the very best solution optimized for each client’s growth environment. To be able to integrate agricultural-grade microbial analysis and treatment from a world leader like BBC Labs is a huge advantage to our clients. It saves them money and, most important, helps them provide the best possible turfgrass quality.”

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations and negative public perceptions of pesticides and fertilizers have driven interest in alternative methods of promoting turfgrass health. Cycle Works reports that, on average, its customers can reduce chemical applications by up to 40%, saving labor and other associated costs in the process. All Cycle Works treatments rely heavily on organic matter and environmentally sound compounds and practices.

“We’re not saying that superintendents should choose us because we’re less expensive or better for the land – even though our clients get those benefits,” Ludington says. “We’re saying they should choose us because we’ll help them construct a plan that works for their specific turfgrass environment and create the lush, healthy turf that facility owners love and that keeps end users coming back.”

By scientifically analyzing and adjusting the microbial content of the soil, turfgrass managers can cultivate biological populations customized in size and diversity to address specific conditions such as disease recovery and transitions between grasses, such as winter rye to summer bermuda.

“Microorganisms are primary decomposers and make soil fertile by providing nutrients for plant growth,” says Vicki Bess, president and CEO of BBC Laboratories, Inc. “This is a very complex process that involves many types of microorganisms. Whether you are growing corn or turfgrass, the presence of a healthy biological ecosystem will yield a healthier and more valuable crop.”

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