Second Largest School District Embraces Precautionary Principle

California Safe Schools Coalition worked with Los Angeles Unified School District (2nd largest district in the country) to implement a Least-Toxic, Low Risk pest management policy, whose preamble includes the “precautionary principle.”

The “precautionary principle” policy has become the model for school districts and communities nationwide. It mandates the use of preventative measures and least toxic methods first in schools. Only when preventative measures fail does the district turn to pesticides on the approved list. Pesticides on the approved list cannot contain products known to cause cancer, neurological disruption, birth defects, genetic alteration, reproductive harm, immune system dysfunction, endocrine disruption, or acute poisoning.

California Safe Schools is committed to ensuring that all students, teachers, staff and community members who live near school sites are in a safe toxic-free environment. Their Web site,, offers downloadable “Parent Right to Know Forms,” which include a copy of the policy, and links to other environmental organizations.

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