Signature/Bayleton Tank Mix Added to Signature Label

Signature Fungicide now may be tank-mixed with Bayleton fungicide to provide broad-spectrum disease protection on turf, Bayer Environmental Science announced. The Environmental Protection Agency recently approved an amendment to the Signature label allowing approved use of the tank mixture.

A true systemic fungicide, Signature moves throughout the plant, controlling diseases such as Pythium, anthracnose and bentgrass deadspot, as well as Summer Decline. It also activates the plant’s natural immune system to ward off further disease. Programs including multiple applications of Signature, prior to the onset of stresses, routinely provide excellent improvements in turf color, vigor and root development.

Bayleton controls brown patch and gray leaf spot, as well as dollar spot, which will complement the diseases Signature controls and offer a very effective tank mix against diseases. Together, the fungicides will tackle most of the difficult diseases turf managers encounter. The tank mixture may be used on most turfgrass varieties.

“Now that this tank mixture is labeled, turf managers have much greater flexibility in fighting turf diseases,“ says Eric Kalasz, business manager of fungicides for Bayer Environmental Science. “Signature and Bayleton can handle a majority of the diseases occurring on golf courses and will improve turf quality in the process.“

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