Survey Finds Men Want to Mow White House Lawn: Women Would Like to See Tom Cruise Cut Their Grass.

Murray, Inc., one of the nation's largest manufacturers of lawn mowers, has conducted its first ever Murray Mowing Survey. It uncovers consumers' hidden desires about yard- keeping by revealing everything from where men would like to mow the lawn to which celebrity women would like to see cut their grass.

The survey was conducted nationwide with the results based on the responses of 1,000 individuals. In addition to questions surrounding the purchase and use of lawnmowers, men were asked the location they would choose if they could mow the grass at a national landmark or sporting venue. Topping the list was the White House lawn.

Here's the top ten:

1. White House Lawn 27.3 percent

2. Pebble Beach Golf Course 16.4 percent

3. Rose Bowl 14.8 percent

4. Yankee Stadium 10.3 percent

5. Graceland 9.6 percent

6. Augusta National 8.7 percent

7. St. Andrews 7.1 percent

8. Lambeau Field 5.9 percent

9. Dodger Stadium 5.5 percent

10. Fenway Park 4.4 percent

While men reported to be the predominant owners and users of lawn mowers, the Murray Mowing Survey did yield more unexpected results. ``We were a little surprised to find that nearly a fourth of the women we surveyed mow their own lawn,'' reported Brooks, who also noted that more than 36 percent of the women reported buying the household lawnmower for themselves.

While a substantial number of women mow their lawns, most do not show any interest in cutting the grass anyplace other than home. However, they are very intrigued by the idea of having someone famous mow their lawns.

The open-ended question featured more than 200 different names, but actor Tom Cruise was the top vote-getter with nearly 12 percent. Mel Gibson followed at 9 percent, while Brad Pitt garnered 7 percent. Not far behind was President George W. Bush, who received as many votes as Kevin Costner and surpassed Sean Connery, Bill Clinton and even Oscar-winner Tom Hanks in popularity.

Here's the top 10 list:

1. Tom Cruise 11.5 percent

2. Mel Gibson 9.1 percent

3. Brad Pitt 7.3 percent

4. Denzel Washington 3.2 percent

5. Tom Selleck 2.7 percent

6. George W. Bush 2.5 percent

7. Kevin Costner 2.5 percent

8. Sean Connery 2.4 percent

9. Tom Hanks 2.4 percent

10. Bill Clinton 2.3 percent

Among the other remaining potential groundskeepers, Rush Limbaugh slightly outranked Ricky Martin, Garth Brooks and Michael Jordan. ``We're not surprised that women are influenced by the 'hunk' factor,'' says Brooks. ``What is difficult to discern is why people like President Bush, former President Clinton and radio personality Rush Limbaugh made the list. Do these women truly admire these figures, or do they just want to see them roll up their sleeves and do some manual labor?''

A final intriguing result from the Murray Mowing Survey: people who mow the family lawn as teens tend to show up later in life in the higher income brackets, as well as those with the highest education levels. ``Mowing grass is a natural way for teens to learn the value of responsibility and hard work at home,'' Brooks observed, ``and it seems to pay off with success later in life.''

While Brooks was quick to admit that you're not likely to see Tom Cruise showing up at the White House to mow the lawn any time soon, she did point out that people came up with some pretty interesting answers. ``I'll bet you never knew mowing the lawn could be so fun.''

The use of celebrity names in no way implies their endorsement of or association with Murray, Inc.

SOURCE: Murray, Inc

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