Tecumseh to Work with California Regulators to Meet Future Emissions Requirements

Tecumseh Products Company along with representatives of other manufacturers and industry trade associations, is working with the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) on a proposal to meet regulations for further reductions in small engine emissions.

A consensus has been reached between Tecumseh and other industry members to meet C.A.R.B.’s tonnage reductions for small engine emissions. Tecumseh believes this strict industry program can be achieved.

The industry-backed proposal would include requirements to limit evaporative emissions beginning in 2005. It would require changes to fuel lines and gas tanks and possibly the addition of exhaust catalysts. In addition to these changes, engine manufacturers would be required to perform more extensive testing. Product design changes, usage of new materials and mandated testing will generate cost increases to the industry and there will be an impact on prices.

The industry has also proposed stricter exhaust emissions regulations for California, which would take effect in 2007 for engines with a displacement under 225cc and in 2008 for engines with a displacement over 225cc.

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