Terracyte Broad Spectrum Algaecide/Fungicide Has A Zero-Hour REI

The EPA has recently changed the label for TerraCyte Broad Spectrum Algaecide/ Fungicide to reflect a Zero-Hour REI.

TerraCyte is a granular product that controls moss, algae, slimes, molds, liverwort, and their spores. TerraCyte can be applied to both growing plants and turf, and is an effective disease management product for nursery growers, golf course superintendents, and landscapers.

Efficacy studies have proven TerraCyte an effective tool for combating stubborn moss and heavy levels of liverwort, without harming turf or damaging the host plant. The new Zero-Hour REI, combined with TerraCyte's reduced risk chemistry, make applications even more convenient.

TerraCyte can be applied using a drop spreader or any other applicator that will assure uniform coverage. Activated by water, TerraCyte should be watered in or applied over a wet area. TerraCyte begins working on contact, and results can typically be seen within 24-48 hours. Since TerraCyte kills on contact, pathogens cannot develop a mutational resistance.

In addition to TerraCyte, BioSafe Systems manufactures ZeroTol Broad Spectrum Algaecide/ Fungicide, ZeroTol Professional Turf Care, and GreenClean Granular Algaecide as well as other biodegradable products for horticultural and turf disease management and control.

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