PBI Gordon Announces Free Insect ID Chart

PBI/Gordon Corporation, Kansas City, Mo., has developed a new insect identification chart which is being offered free of charge to contractors and other industry professionals.

“The insect ID chart is being offered to help educate professionals concerning the value of azadirachtin in combating insect resistance problems,” according to Dave Fearis, product manager for the insecticide. Azadirachtin is the active ingredient in Gordon’s Azatrol EC Insecticide. “Our new chart provides detailed renderings of over 50 major turf and ornamental insect pests,” says Fearis. Information is presented in a colorful and informative manner to enhance interest and understanding. “Pest managers will see this as a valuable educational tool for their staff”, says Fearis.

Due to the complex structure of the azadirachtin molecule and its multiple modes of activity it is virtually impossible for insect resistance to develop, explains Fearis. Azadirachtin has been proven to act in multiple ways to control insect pests and mites, including anti-feedant, growth regulation, anti-ovipositioning and repellent action. The growth regulation effect of the product prevents maturation; the ovi-positioning activity prevents the laying of eggs on treated plant material. “The goal of plant protection is accomplished immediately,” says Fearis “even though insect death may take a little longer.”

Azatrol has a CAUTION signal word due to its extremely low toxicity to mammals, making it an ideal choice for plant protection around schools and hospitals and in interiorscaped areas. “It’s ideal for combining with other bio-rationales,” says Fearis. It can also be combined with conventional products as a part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

Introduced nationwide in 2003, Azatrol is a broad-spectrum botanical product for the control of insects on ornamental shrubs, trees and flowers. Azadirachtin has been studied for many years as an alternative to synthetic insecticide products. Although other azadirachtin formulations are available, Azatrol EC Insecticide is a superior formulation created from a patented process developed by E.I.D. Parry (India) Ltd. Azadirachtin is extracted from neem seed but the Azatrol formulation contains no neem oil.

“If you’ve tried a neem product before, or azadirachtin formulations containing neem oil,” Fearis says, “you’re in for a surprise when you try Azatrol.” Azatrol has none of the odor of a neem-based product and is easier and more pleasant to use. Additionally, the purity of the Azatrol formulation gives consistent performance at a lower rate than other azadirachtin products, making use more economical, according to Fearis.

The free insect ID chart, as well as other literature concerning the benefits of Azatrol, may be requested by phone (toll-free: 1-800-821-7925) or through Gordon’s website, www.pbigordon.com.

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