New Technology Converts Waste Into Liquid Organic Fertilizers

OxyWave Environmental Services, Inc. (OESI) announces the opening of the first Aerobic Protein Stabilization System (APS System) plant in the United States. This new facility uses a proprietary technology developed by Deutrel Industries that can convert organic waste into a usable by-product for use in sustainable agriculture or home lawn and garden care.

This process has already been used to create an OMRI certified 5-1-1 high grade fish hydrolysate that has over 100 trace elements, humic acid, bio-available proteins, amino acids and currently being sold under the “Natures Best” label Internationally. A 5-3-3 blend is also available under the label “Golden Harvest” and has been used successfully as an “all-in-one” nutrient in growing organic hydroponic tomatoes.

“The major difference between our product and other fish emulsions on the market today is the process itself and the formulation for our product. We are able to convert several tons of fresh fish or any other organic waste, in less than 24 hours,” says David McKinney, CEO or OESI. “This gives us the freshest possible end product. We do not cook our fish to break it down, however, our proprietary formula used in the APS System allows for natural heat to pasteurize and kill harmful pathogens and bacteria,” McKinney adds.

“What makes us different is our unique blend of additives which includes a proprietary soil conditioner that has a proven track record of restructuring clay, adobe and caliche soils,” said McKinney.

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