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Allectus insecticide from Bayer Environmental Science combines the power of two industry-leading insecticides to give lawn care professionals and golf course superintendents unprecedented control of all major insect pests both above and below the surface, with a single product. With the unique combination of active ingredients, imidacloprid and bifenthrin, Allectus delivers a one-two punch that produces highly effective preventative and curative control and is the only broad-spectrum insecticide to control pests both above and below the surface. One application provides up to 12 weeks of residual control; two applications give season-long protection. Allectus is available in granular and liquid formulations.

Advion fire ant bait

DuPont Professional Products

DuPont Advion is the fastest-acting, most-effective fire ant bait available today. Unlike other products that work in weeks or months, Advion provides excellent control of fire ant colonies within 24 to 72 hours after application. And when it comes to fire ants, you donít want to wait.

The exceptional performance of Advion is based on the revolutionary active ingredient, Indoxacarb. When insects ingest Indoxacarb, metabolic activation takes place, creating the more-potent MetaActive compound and resulting in highly effective fire ant control. Indoxacarbís novel mode of action is coupled with an excellent environmental profile, including reduced-risk classification from the EPA.

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