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Futerra F4 Netless

Profile Products LLC

Erosion control blankets control erosion and enhance seed germination for slopes, walkways and athletic fields. However, their netting and threads pose environmental and safety hazards by ensnaring maintenance equipment and entrapping wildlife.

Until now. Profile Products’ Futerra F4 Netless Revegetation and Erosion Control Blankets have eliminated nets and threads posing these hazards. F4 Netless weighs 30 percent less than alternative ECBs and has the highest germination rate. With 98 percent erosion control effectiveness, F4 Netless assists with Phase II compliance by bonding to soil surfaces, preventing washouts and seed migration for up to one year, and is easy to install.


Profile Products LLC

Turning sediment-laden water into clear water, Profile Products’ revolutionary Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration Tubes’ performance is second to none on channels and slopes. Terra-Tubes are engineered composites of wood fibers, man-made fibers and performance-enhancing polymers encased in heavy-duty, knitted tubes, designed to effectively trap, filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing hydraulic energy.

Terra-Tubes are proven through independent testing to be 15 times more effective than wattles and fiber rolls in reducing turbidity and controlling sediment loss. They are the only products that incorporate flow, filtration and flocculation into storm water treatment and are an important tool for Phase II compliance.

Speed-Feed Trimmer Head

Shindaiwa, Inc.

With the new and exciting Shindaiwa Speed-Feed bump-feed trimmer head there is no need to dismantle to refill line! Simply line-up the eyelets with the arrows, thread the line through the trimmer head until it exits the opposite eyelet and pull a couple of arms lengths of line. Then, simply turn the large knob on top of the trimmer head to load line on the spool. It’s just that easy! The average time to reload line is 30 seconds or less! The spool holds about 25 feet of .095-inch line. Adapter hardware is available to fit-up with most major competitive models.

Line Painter 1200

The Toro Company

Toro product durability and reliability are incorporated into the innovative design of the Toro Line Painter 1200. Increased productivity produce time savings throughout the entire line painting process – filling, mixing, painting and clean-up. The Express Clean System includes an on-board fresh water tank to rinse lines and nozzles. The floating paint follows ground contours for consistent line thickness. The three-wheel design provides unlimited mobility for perfect curves and arcs. Accessories include a hand wand for painting stencils, sidelines or team logos, various sized nozzles for specific applications and Toro Xtreme and XtremePlus paint in 6 vibrant colors.


Trimless Solutions

PostMate is a new labor saving product that was developed by a golf course superintendent to eliminate the need to trim grass/spray herbicides around his posts forever! This innovative product will not only restrict grass from growing around your post, but will also protect your wood posts from destructive string “trimmer damage”.

PostMate is a maintenance-free product that easily slides around any type of post. It is the exclusive seamless inter-locking system that guarantees every PostMate stays firmly in place. This durable material was rated “excellent” for its physical properties, and will handle even the largest mowers.

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