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Nitamin, Georgia-Pacific, Atlanta, Ga.

Nitamin is an advanced nitrogen fertilizer technology developed by the chemists at Georgia-Pacific. Nitamin Coated Sand is a unique, patent-pending way of delivering Nitamin Steady-Delivery technology to turf. University and golf course studies demonstrate that turf grow-in is significantly faster and denser with Nitamin Coated Sand. Nitamin ensures an extended release of nitrogen within the soil, keeping turf green and healthy for months with fewer applications. Turf develops a dense composition and deep root system. Nitamin binds to the soil, resulting in environmental and nitrogen efficiency benefits. Made with USGA sand, Nitamin Coated Sand is especially suited for topdressing, turf repair in high-traffic areas, and new turf establishment. Nitamin is also available in liquid blends.

Studies have shown that Nitamin binds to the soil and stays there, even in heavy rain, while commonly used quick release fertilizers (e.g., urea, urea ammonium nitrate solutions, and anhydrous ammonia) often leach away. This allows for more efficient use of the nitrogen applied, and in many cases, leads to lower nitrogen requirements of the turf. Compared to quick-release fertilizers that convert most of their nitrogen to useable forms within the first few days after application, Nitamin Coated Sand continues delivering a steady supply of nitrogen to turf for extended periods of time.

Georgia-Pacific has been a major raw material supplier to leading fertilizer producers for over 20 years and has over 40 years of experience with urea-based polymer technology and the company employs approximately 55,000 people at 300 locations in North America and Europe.

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