Thank you for serving as judge for the Grounds Maintenance Innovative Product Award. This competition honors excellence in new product development in the golf and green industries. This prestigious award showcases the most innovative products introduced after January 1, 2003, and recognizes the talent and commitment of the people involved in every aspect of development, from concept through sales. Grounds Maintenance is proud to bestow the Innovative Product Award, which will be selected by Grounds Maintenance subscribers, on inventive products that ensure professional grounds managers are able to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This category focuses on Herbicides.

Bayer Environmental Science

Revolver Herbicide

Revolver™ herbicide, one of the green and golf industry’s latest weed-control innovations, provides post-emergent control of cool-season grasses and goosegrass in a variety of warm-season turf species. Unlike its competitors, Revolver offers desirable turfgrass tolerance while nearly eliminating the threat of phytotoxicity on golf course greens and fairways, and valuable customer lawns. Based on foramsulfuron (sulfonylurea chemical class), Revolver’s alternate mode of action allows for control of resistant weeds. This economical product is effective at low-use rates and can be safely used on a variety of turf species and locations, including bermudagrass greens.

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Spotlight™ Specialty Herbicide

Spotlight™ specialty herbicide is a powerful yet selective postemergence herbicide. It works fast – activity is usually visible within 48 hours – offering improved clover control along with control of other hard-to-control weeds. Its advanced chemistry creates a non-volatile ester formulation that’s labeled for use on warm- and cool-season grasses, so you can apply it year-round on established turf, including residential lawns, golf courses, parks, sports fields, sod farms and more. The active ingredient in Spotlight, fluroxypyr, is a systemic herbicide that translocates quickly to disrupt water intake. Spotlight, a liquid, works well with all primary broadleaf herbicides, so it can be used in every tank mix.

Nufarm Turf & Specialty

Escalade™ Low Odor

The newest innovation from Nufarm Turf & Specialty is Escalade™ Low Odor premium herbicide. Now homeowners and applicators can see superior broadleaf weed control and not smell it! Escalade combines an advanced new active, Fluroxypyr, with the proven power of Dicamba and a highly-refined 2,4-D for a product that is tough on broadleaf weeds, especially clover…without the overpowering smell! It is the first of its kind!

Syngenta Professional Products

Monument™ Herbicide

Versatile and effective, Monument herbicide from Syngenta Professional Products offers outstanding post-emergence weed control for golf courses, sod farms and commercial property management with warm-season turfgrass. The active ingredient — trifloxysulfuron sodium —controls all major sedge species, along with many other troublesome weeds. Monument is the only herbicide proven to control all major sedges. To aid spring transition, Monument removes overseeded perennial ryegrass and Poa trivialis to optimize Bermudagrass transition. Late summer to early fall; Monument is ideal for Bermudagrass cleanup prior to overseeding. Each winter, Monument can be used in dormant, non-overseeded turf for control of winter weeds such as Poa annua, clover and henbit.

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