February Honorable Mentions

Cultivators Honorable Mention

SA-25 Stand-Aer, Classen Mfg. Inc.

Classen introduces the SA-25 Stand-Aer, the first ever “tine-driven, stand-on” aerator. This unit eliminates walking as well as steers without having to raise and lower the tines, which means improved production. With a 24-inch operational turning radius, this hydrostatically driven aerator offers an operational and transport speed up to 4.7 miles per hour. That translates into 50,000-plus square feet per hour. The tines hydraulically raise and lower up to a 3-inch depth with a hole pattern of 4.06 x 7 inches. Powered by a 13-hp Honda OHV engine, the Stand-Aer fits through a 36-inch gate.

Earth Moving Equipment Honorable Mention

XT850, Charles Machine Works (Ditch Witch)

The Ditch Witch organization announces the creation of a revolutionary compact utility vehicle: the Ditch Witch XT850. A cross between the company’s SK (mini skid steer) and MX (mini excavator) series, the XT850 is a powerful, lightweight excavator/tool-carrier with options that include trailer, stands and enough attachments to handle virtually any underground construction task. A special feature of the XT850 is its patent-pending 260 degree excavator sweep, which allows unprecedented offset digging capability from one point.

Herbicide Honorable Mention

Monument Herbicide, Syngenta Professional Products

Versatile and effective, Monument herbicide from Syngenta Professional Products offers outstanding post-emergence weed control for golf courses, sod farms and commercial property management with warm-season turfgrass. The active ingredient—trifloxysulfuron sodium—controls all major sedge species, along with many other troublesome weeds. Monument is the only herbicide proven to control all major sedges.

To aid spring transition, Monument removes overseeded perennial ryegrass and Poa trivialis to optimize Bermudagrass transition. Late summer to early fall, Monument is ideal for Bermudagrass cleanup prior to overseeding. Each winter, Monument can be used in dormant, non-overseeded turf for control of winter weeds such as Poa annua, clover and henbit.

Irrigation Components/Systems Honorable Mention

PGJ Rotor, Hunter Industries

PGJ is a rotor specifically for use on smaller zones that typically use a spray but can now have all the benefits of a rotor. PGJ can be used:

-As a spray head alternative. Cover mid-size areas with less trenching and pipe fitting.

-With low pressures and low flows. Cover a large area effectively and efficiently when water is at a minimum.

-On the same zone as larger rotors. Cover smaller adjacent areas and narrow strips in one zone to save on extra valves and pipe runs.

PGJ: Fewer heads performing more efficient work for a more economical price.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Contractor/Institutional) Honorable Mention

Z Fast Cat Plus, Jacobsen, a Textron Company

The Fast Cat Plus was redesigned in 2004 to offer additional comfort, speed, drivability and convenience. This zero-turn mower is the only light commercial/residential zero-turn mower equipped with the PowerLink mobile power system. With this feature, users have access to 1,000 watts continuous AC electric power. Operators will notice an improved ride from the mower’s Hydro-Gear Transaxles with built-in charge pumps. Ergonomic improvements include fully-dampened forward and reverse controls, and a push-pull PTO switch for the electric clutch. Engineers also increased the ground speed to 7.5 mph for maximum efficiency, cutting up to three acres per hour.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Contractor/Institutional) Honorable Mention

IS500Z, Ferris Industries

The Ferris IS500Z features:

-New 4-wheel Active Performance Suspension (APS) with pivoting front axel and spring assemblies and rear-wheel coil over shock suspension provides increased comfort, speed, traction and consistent cut.

-Available in 19-hp/42-inch, 21-hp/48-inch and 25-hp/52-inch models, they feature Kawasaki V-Twin engines, external 2-stage air cleaners, newly designed greasable spindles, cooling fans mounted atop hydro pumps, twin A-section hydro drive belts and 10-mph ground speeds.

The new IS500Z mowers will tackle tight places with maximum maneuverability and all the benefits of APS. It’s truly a compact commercial mower innovation.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Contractor/Institutional) Honorable Mention

HydroCut 36, Ferris Industries

The Ferris HydroCut 36 includes:

-Powered by a 13-hp Kawasaki V-Twin engine with electric start, 36-inch cutting width and 5.5-mph ground speeds.

-Single hydrostatic transmission that makes this mower extremely easy to operate.

-“The affordable alternative to belt drives.”

-Ferris’ exclusive Torque Tuned Blade system ensures a clean and precise cut by utilizing a chevron deck drive belt system. This new system allows the unit to be more maneuverable and easy to handle.

-Ferris’ exclusive Integrated Comfort Control (ICC) system controls movement instantly, forward and reverse.

-Quick-adjust height-of-cut lever is easily accessible and ensures consistent cutting height.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Golf) Honorable Mention

AR-5, Jacobsen, a Textron

The new Jacobsen AR-5 is built to handle all types of terrain without scalping the turf. Its five rotary decks float independently, using unique lift arms that are designed to keep the cutting decks in the same vertical plane. The decks will effectively hug undulating ground to produce the finest cut possible with a rotary cutter. The mower features a 60-hp Kubota diesel engine to handle the most demanding turf conditions. The AR-5 mower decks can be converted from mulching to rear discharge in a matter of minutes.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Golf) Honorable Mention

E-Walk, Jacobsen, a Textron Company

E-Walk by Jacobsen is an all-electric 22-inch-wide walking greens mower that produces precision-cut greens without compromising the environment. The mower’s superior results come from its electronically balanced, 11-blade reel that is adjustable to a cut height of 3/64-inch. Additionally, the clip frequency and ground speed are controlled by two separate 48-Volt DC electric motors—each adjusted independently. This revolutionary mower has no oil, no hydraulic fluids, no emissions—and virtually no noise. Grounds crews are free to manicure greens without disturbing golf course residents—whether wildlife or human.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Golf) Honorable Mention

The Articulator 3372, LASTEC, Inc.

The Articulator 3372 assists golf courses and turf professionals in maintaining their highly manicured grounds. Built with the same principles as our original, this mower utilizes multiple decks that articulate to deliver a 72-inch-wide cut with the same accuracy as three small push mowers. This innovative design allows the deck and blades to contour with the ground, delivering the highest quality cut on any terrain including valleys and mounds. The Articulator 3372 overachieves with a 33-hp turbo diesel engine. This is the industry’s first 72-inch articulating zero-turn mower.

Seed/Establishment Systems Honorable Mention

RTF Fescue Sod, RTF Turf Producers Association

RTF turfgrass sod is the only fescue sod that contains an extensive rhizome system. Finally, there is a fescue sod that can be produced without bluegrass or netting as a harvest aid. RTF:

-Does not produce “ugly” clumps

-Conserves water

-Self repairs

-Repels insects

-Resists disease

-Grows in sun or shade

RTF is so unique, Barenbrug USA, the developer of the grass, has granted exclusive sod production rights to the RTF Turf Producers Association. The Association uses strict production and marketing guidelines to insure quality turf is grown by every member throughout the United States.

Seed/Establishment Systems Honorable Mention

Titan Ltd. Tall Fescue, Smith Seed Services

Titan Ltd. tall fescue is a new type of tall fescue with a very unique characteristic: self-repairing rhizomes. In addition to having deep roots, improved resistance to brown patch, excellent heat, drought and disease resistance, Titan Ltd. grass plants produce underground shoots and roots that are constantly on call to naturally spread out and help fill in bare spots, keeping turf lush and thick. Titan Ltd. also has a natural, safe pesticide called endophyte to help protect turf area from damaging pests like billbugs, chinch bugs and weevils. Titan Ltd. is deep rooted, drought hardy, fine-bladed, dense and slower growing. It requires less mowing, yet still looks great in both the sun and shade.  Use Titan Ltd. in a new lawn or to overseed an existing tall fescue lawn.

Seed/Establishment Systems Honorable Mention

Panterra Overseeding Ryegrass, Barenbrug USA

Panterra turf-type annual ryegrass is the result of an extensive Texas A&M breeding program to provide high-quality overseed that is economical and allows for easy transition. Panterra was developed specifically for winter overseeding; displaying excellent turf quality on golf courses, sports fields and other fine turf. Panterra overseeding ryegrass meets the winter annual turf demands of superintendents, sports turf managers, contractors and homeowners. Panterra features:

-Fast establishment

-Unique overseeding grass

-Easy spring transition, non-persistent

-Low growing, less clippings

-Fine leaf texture

-Beautiful medium-green color

-Good turf quality

-Grows under low temperatures

Sprayers/Spreaders Honorable Mention

Finn BB200 Bark Blower, Finn Corporation

New to the market in 2004: The smallest member of the Finn bulk pneumatic blower family—the BB200 Bark Blower. The BB200 features an innovative design enabling the unit to be skid or trailer mounted, and is the perfect pneumatic blower to deliver 8-plus-cubic-yards of bulk materials per hour with a two-man crew. The BB200 has a 6.5-cubic-foot capacity hopper integrated with a time-tested blower, specially designed rotary airlock, hydraulic functions complete with reversing capabilities, dual feed rolls providing consistent material delivery and 100 feet of 3-inch hose.

Miscellaneous Honorable Mention

SC120H Sod Cutter, Billy Goat Industries, Inc.

The Billy Goat SC120H Sod Cutter with a 5.5-hp Honda OHV engine and 12-inch cutting width is an excellent tool for lawn renovation projects.

-Easy to use. Simply set the depth, shift into gear, engage the blade, start the drive and you’re off.

-Compact size and light weight. Don’t let the size fool you. At only 161 pounds and 16.5 inches wide, this sturdily built machine has what it takes to do the job. The small frame makes maneuvering easy, even in tight spaces.

-Smooth operation. Unlike bulkier units, the SC’s smooth engagement and light weight greatly reduce vibration, alleviating operator fatigue.

One-step cut adjustment. Changing cutting depth is as easy as moving a lever.

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