January Honorable Mentions

Cultivators Honorable Mention

TurnAer 26 Chariot, Turfco Direct

Turfco Direct has once again revolutionized turf aeration with the introduction of the TurnAer 26 Chariot system. Designed to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue, especially on large areas of grass, the new Chariot pull-behind sulky allows increased aeration speeds.

With its innovative Diff-drive, and fingertip braking that allows turning with the tines in the ground, the TurnAer 26 operates much like a mid-size mower. The Chariot leverages this heightened maneuverability to introduce an entirely new level of productivity to aeration. Because it’s easier and less fatiguing to use than traditional aerators, all-day aeration is no longer the sole domain of the fittest crew members. In addition, the Chariot can be separated from the TurnAer 26, allowing it to function as a walk-behind to enhance maneuverability in tighter spaces.

The stable, low-profile steel Chariot frame follows behind the TurnAer, placing the operator in a position of control. In addition, wide, high-volume sulky tires provide a smooth ride.

For more information, contact Turfco Manufacturing at (800) 679-8201 or visit www.turfco.com.

Earth Moving Equipment Honorable Mention

Dingo TX413, The Toro Company

The new Dingo TX413 compact utility loader is an economical alternative to larger tracked units. The 33.7-inch width allows the TX413 to fit through 36-inch gates, and a three-pump hydraulic pump system provides 7 gallons per minute of flow at 2,650 psi of power to the attachments and two hydrostatic drive pumps. Powered by a 13-horsepower Honda gasoline engine, the TX413 features the Dingo TX-patented control system for travel direction. This industry-leading feature, combined with joystick control of the loader arm, provides operation ease while a 420-pound rated operating capacity suits the needs of varied jobs.

Earth Moving Equipment Honorable Mention

4000 Twenty Series Compact Utility Tractor, John Deere – Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division

With up to 21 percent more horsepower and more torque than the models they replace, the John Deere 4000 TWENTY Series Compact Utility Tractors have the power to make it happen with their new John Deere 2.4 liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged engines. The instrument panel features the Performance Tracking System, which allows operators to monitor all tractor functions with the touch of a button. Additional features such as the iMatch quick-coupler system, the industry exclusive LoadMatch technology, and the eHydro transmission simplifies tractor operation for both new and experienced customers. Even better, the 4000 TWENTY Series tractors are more affordable than ever before with a three-year warranty and a lower cost of maintenance.

Herbicides Honorable Mention

Escalade Low Odor, Nufarm Americas Inc. (Nufarm Turf & Specialty)

The newest innovation from Nufarm Turf & Specialty is Escalade Low Odor premium herbicide. Now homeowners and applicators can see superior broadleaf weed control and not smell it! Escalade combines an advanced new active, Fluroxypyr, with the proven power of Dicamba and a highly-refined 2,4-D for a product that is tough on broadleaf weeds, especially clover…without the overpowering smell! It is the first of its kind!

Herbicides Honorable Mention

Revolver Herbicide, Bayer Environmental Science

Revolver herbicide, one of the green and golf industry’s latest weed-control innovations, provides post-emergent control of cool-season grasses and goosegrass in a variety of warm-season turf species. Unlike its competitors, Revolver offers desirable turfgrass tolerance while nearly eliminating the threat of phytotoxicity on golf course greens and fairways, and valuable customer lawns. Based on foramsulfuron (sulfonylurea chemical class), Revolver’s alternate mode of action allows for control of resistant weeds. This economical product is effective at low-use rates and can be safely used on a variety of turf species and locations, including bermudagrass greens.

Irrigation Components/Systems Honorable Mention

5000/5000 Plus MPR Nozzle, Rain Bird

The 5000/5000 Plus MPR (Matched Precipitation Rate) Rotor Nozzles allow individuals to match precipitation rates within and between radii from 25 to 35 feet. These water-saving nozzles eliminate the risk of over or under watering and with Rain Bird’s exclusive Rain Curtain Technology, help reduce both run-off and erosion. Superior flexibility in arc adjustment eliminates the need to use fixed arc plates to help achieve MPR within and between radii. MPR nozzle models are 5000-MPR-25, 5000-MPR-30 and 5000-MPR-35, each designed with quarter, third, half and full circle nozzles.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Contractor/Institutional) Honorable Mention

The Powerfold, The Grasshopper Company

The Grasshopper PowerFold is a technological (patent pending) breakthrough in the service and operation of lawnmower decks. Stunningly simple in design, PowerFold lifts Grasshopper commercial mower decks upright by electromechanical means, and is the first non-hydraulic, non-manual solution offered for the age-old problem of access to mower blades and storage. The PowerFold’s legacy is simplicity, ease of use, durability and dual functionality with cutting height adjustment. Affordability avails it to a wide spectrum of commercial applications. Its functionality greatly enhances the value of the product to operators whose lives are aided by this safe, reliable solution for under-deck access.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Contractor/Institutional) Honorable Mention

IS4500Z, Ferris Industries

The Ferris IS4500Z features:

-Front-wheel IS Independent Suspension w/rear wheel Active Performance Suspension (APS) provides comfort, speed, traction and a consistent cut.

-27-hp Caterpillar diesel or 35-hp Briggs & Stratton Big Block. External 2-stage air cleaners, 61-inch decks and 10 mph ground speeds.

The mower deck utilizes Ferris Hercules spindles, with 3X more life than competitive spindles, larger tapered roller bearings, 1.25-inch shafts, and 10.25-inch 6-bolt flange. The strongest spindle in the industry.

-Adjustable 360º anti-scalp rollers, direct mounted hydro cooling fans, cast iron rear A-arms and twin A-section hydro drive belts are all value-added features on the IS4500Z.

Seed/Establishment Systems Honorable Mention

T75 HydroSeeder, Finn Corporation

Finn is proud to introduce the T75 HydroSeeder: a 700 gallon working capacity tank covering 8,700-10,500 square feet per load with spray distances up to 150 feet. Features include a hydraulically controlled paddle agitator and liquid recirculation; agitator controls at each end of the tank; a large toolbox in the hitch for storing hoses and nozzles; and Finn-designed centrifugal pump driven by an in-line common shaft clutch that eliminates high maintenance belts, couplings, and maximizes horsepower efficiency. The fully loaded weight is less than 10,000 GVW, satisfying the ideal towing requirements of a 1-ton truck without a commercial license.

Sprayers/Spreaders Honorable Mention

XP BoomJet, Spraying Systems Co.

The XP BoomJet extra-wide, flat spray nozzle demonstrates a breakthrough in wide-coverage spray nozzle design. The XP BoomJet provides extraordinary performance and allows you to spray where you’ve never sprayed before. Its design combines a polymer pre-orifice with a unique exit orifice that together assure accurate product placement using large, drift-resistant spray droplets. The nozzles can produce spray patterns up to 18.5 feet wide. They are available in polymer or stainless steel materials with VisiFlo color-coded capacities ranging from 2.0 to 8.0 gpm. Recommended pressure range is 20 to 60 psi.

Sprayers/Spreaders Honorable Mention

HPS Spreader, LESCO

The HPS Spreader combines efficiency, productivity and value in one easy-to-use machine.

-Efficiency – 6-hp engine relieves applicators of strain, allowing them to work faster (up to 6 mph) and longer.

-Productivity – Includes a standard 125-pound hopper thanks to engine power. This is a 50 percent increase over walk-behind units, so users spend more time applying product.

-Value – Features include an articulated frame, oscillating hopper agitation, rear-wheel drive, Hydro-Gear transaxle and foam-filled front tires with steel rims.

-Easy-to-use – design incorporates widely accepted industry technologies, such as sulky platforms and handlebar “squeeze controls” for steering.

Vehicles Honorable Mention

Workman e2050 Electric Utility Vehicle, The Toro Company

The Toro Workman e2050 set a new benchmark for more power and runtime than any other electric in its class. The powerful 48-volt, 500-amp drivetrain allows for superior hill climbing capability even when loaded (up to 800 pound bed capacity). High-peak amperage assures fast, powerful acceleration while regenerative braking provides extra stopping power and recharges the battery. Should the batteries run low, the unit automatically retains enough reserve power to drive the vehicle to a charging location. The Workman e2050 is quiet, dependable and ready to go at all times with the convenience and low maintenance of electric power.

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