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Thank you for serving as judge for the Grounds Maintenance Innovative Product Award. This competition honors excellence in new product development in the golf and green industries. This prestigious award showcases the most innovative products introduced after January 1, 2003, and recognizes the talent and commitment of the people involved in every aspect of development, from concept through sales. Grounds Maintenance is proud to bestow the Innovative Product Award, which will be selected by Grounds Maintenance subscribers, on inventive products that ensure professional grounds managers are able to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This category focuses on Mowers/Mowing Components (golf).

Jacobsen, a Textron Company


The new Jacobsen AR-5™ is built to handle all types of terrain without scalping the turf. Its five rotary decks float independently using unique lift arms that are designed to keep the cutting decks in the same vertical plane. The decks will effectively hug undulating ground to produce the finest cut possible with a rotary cutter. The mower features a 60-hp Kubota diesel engine to handle the most demanding turf conditions. The AR-5 mower decks can be converted from mulching to rear discharge in a matter of minutes.

Jacobsen, a Textron Company


E-Walk by Jacobsen is an all-electric 22-inch wide walking greens mower that produces precision cut greens without compromising the environment. The mower’s superior results come from its electronically balanced, 11-blade reel that is adjustable to a cut height of 3/64-inch. Additionally, the clip frequency and ground speed and speed are controlled by two separate 48-Volt DC electric motors - each adjusted independently. This revolutionary mower has no oil, no hydraulic fluids, no emissions – and virtually no noise. Grounds crews are free to manicure greens without disturbing golf course residents – whether wildlife or human.

Jacobsen, a Textron Company


MAGKnife by Jacobsen has set the standard for bedknives. The revolutionary, patent-pending technology uses powerful magnets to firmly hold the bedknife to the bedbar of reel mowers. The flexibility of the system allows foreign objects to pass cleanly between the cutting blade and the bedknife without damaging equipment. The magnets also eliminate the 13 or more screws used on traditional bedknives, making the replacement process as easy as a snapping the bedknife off and clicking it back into place. MAGKnife has reduced changing times from hours to a few minutes, and enables reel mowers to have a new, sharp bedknife everyday.


The Articulator 3372

The Articulator® 3372 assists golf courses and turf professionals in maintaining their highly manicured grounds. Built with the same principals as our original, this mower utilizes multiple decks that articulate to deliver a 72” wide cut with the same accuracy as 3 small push mowers. This innovative design allows the deck and blades to .ex and contour with the ground delivering the highest quality cut on any terrain including valleys and mounds. The Articulator® 3372 over achieves with a 33 HP turbo diesel engine. This is the industry’s .rst 72” Articulating zero turn mower.

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