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Thank you for serving as judge for the Grounds Maintenance Innovative Product Award. This competition honors excellence in new product development in the golf and green industries. This prestigious award showcases the most innovative products introduced after January 1, 2003, and recognizes the talent and commitment of the people involved in every aspect of development, from concept through sales. Grounds Maintenance is proud to bestow the Innovative Product Award, which will be selected by Grounds Maintenance subscribers, on inventive products that ensure professional grounds managers are able to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This category focuses on Seed/Establishment Systems.

Barenbrug USA

Panterra Overseeding Ryegrass

Panterra, turf-type annual ryegrass is the result of an extensive Texas A&M breeding program to provide high quality overseed that is economical and allows for easy transition. Panterra was developed specifically for winter overseeding; displaying excellent turf quality on golf courses, sport fields and other fine turf. Panterra overseeding ryegrass meets the winter annual turf demands of superintendents, sports turf managers, contractors and homeowners.

-Fast establishment

-Unique overseeding grass

-Easy spring transition, non-persistent

-Low growing - less clippings

-Fine leaf texture

-Beautiful medium green color

-Good turf quality

-Grows under low temperatures

BlueYellow LLC


BlueYellow™ is a revolutionary engineered turf system that provides a one-step solution to turf establishment. The system combines a cellulose-based mat with a calibrated blend of quality grass seed and fertilizer, forming a lightweight, 100% biodegradable roll. You get sod-quality turf for less labor, at a fraction of the cost. BlueYellow is simple to install with seed, fertilizer, and mulch all in one application: just prep the seedbed, unroll the product, and water thoroughly. Because BlueYellow biodegrades, there is nothing to remove after installation. Moisture retention from the cellulose mat and precise distribution of seed and fertilizer deliver uniform germination and grow-in.

Finn Corporation

T75 Hydroseeder

Finn is proud to introduce the T75 HydroSeeder™: a 700 gallon working capacity tank covering 8,700-10,500 square feet per load with spray distances up to 150 feet. Features include a hydraulically controlled paddle agitator and liquid recirculation; agitator controls at each end of the tank; a large toolbox in the hitch for storing hoses and nozzles; and Finn-designed centrifugal pump driven by an in-line common shaft clutch that eliminates high maintenance belts, couplings, and maximizes horsepower efficiency. The fully loaded weight is less than 10,000 GVW, satisfying the ideal towing requirements of a 1-ton truck without a commercial license.

RTF Turf Producers Association

Fescue Sod

RTF® Turfgrass sod is the only fescue sod which contains an extensive rhizome system. Finally, there is a fescue sod that can be produced without bluegrass or netting as a harvest aid. RTF:

-does not produce “ugly” clumps

-conserves water

-self repairs

-repels insects

-resists disease

-grows in sun or shade

RTF is so unique, Barenbrug USA, the developer of the grass, has granted exclusive sod production rights to the RTF Turf Producers Association. The Association uses strict production and marketing guidelines to insure quality turf is grown by every member throughout the US.

Smith Seed Services

Titan Ltd. Tall Fescue

Titan Ltd. Tall fescue is a new type of tall fescues with a very unique characteristic: self-repairing rhizomes. In addition to having deep roots, improved resistance to brown patch, excellent heat, drought, and disease resistance, Titan Ltd. grass plants produce underground shoots and roots that are constantly on call to naturally spread out and help fill in bare spots, keeping turf lush and thick. Titan Ltd. also has a natural, safe pesticide called endophyte to help protect turf area from damaging pests like billbugs, chinch bugs and weevils. Titan Ltd. is deep rooted, drought hardy, fine-bladed, dense and slower growing. It requires less mowing, yet still looks great in both the sun and shade. Use Titan Ltd. in a new lawn or to overseed an existing tall fescue lawn. Visit for more details.

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