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Landscaping on a slope
Grounds Maintenance, By John C. Fech, University of Nebraska
This article discusses landscaping on a slope and problems and maintenance solutions associated with slope landscaping.

Landscaping on a slope
Grounds Maintenance, By John C. Fech, University of Nebraska
This article discusses landscaping on a slope and problems and maintenance solutions associated with slope landscaping.

Irrigating steep-sloped landscapes
Grounds Maintenance, Steve McGuirk
Extremes provide irrigation designers most difficult challenges. The irrigation designer trying to cover a steep slope has arrived at what many consider to be the greatest challenge in irrigation design.The steep slopes for which we design irrigation systems are generally the by-products of human activity. Many steep slopes exist in natural surroundings, but seldom call for irrigation systems.Most

Surface Water Drainage and Slope Basics
Grounds Maintenance

Safety First
Grounds Maintenance, By John Brown, Hustler Manufacturing
The statistics are gruesome, if a bit uncertain: Estimates of lawn-mower-related injuries range from 23,000 to a horrendous 75,000 annually, with a significant number of those injuries involving children. Fatalities average a tragic 75 deaths per year. And to compound the tragedy, essentially all mower accidents are preventable. Common sense dictates most rules of mowing safety.

Hitting the Slopes
Grounds Maintenance, By Tracy Powell
Tending turf on steep embankments has been a thorn in the side of many a mowing crew. Addressing erosion issues, fertilizing even seeding, with hydro applications has been conquered on the steepest slopes. Yet, compromising angles make mowing slopes a tedious process, resulting in bogged production and efficiency loss. Equipment operators tend to rush, which leads to the most important factor when it comes to mowing slopes: safety.

How To: Irrigate Slopes
Grounds Maintenance, By Karen L. Kerkhoff, Contributing Editor
Irrigating slopes are growing environments that present a challenge nearly everywhere you go, on pre-existing slopes or man-made berms.

golf course design and golf course lakes
Grounds Maintenance, By John Millhouse and Rick Elliott, Sandy Lyle Golf Design
This article discusses issues associated with designing lakes on golf courses. Designers deal with issues such as irrigation, playability, drainage, safety and water quality when designing lakes and ponds on the golf course.

Loading Up on Safety
Grounds Maintenance, By Chris Key, Caterpillar Inc.
Multi-terrain loaders (or compact track loaders) are compact machines that are equipped with similar components and technology to skid-steer loaders. The difference: multi-terrain loaders have a suspended-track undercarriage that promotes their productively in ground conditions like mud, snow, sand, sloped terrain and turf that often prevent wheeled machines from working at all.

How to install drainage
Grounds Maintenance, Gary S. Kaye
A variety of drainage products and techniques are available to grounds managers and superintendents, including newer technologies that are receiving some recognition lately. However, the essential concepts involved in drainage have not changed much. This article is a guide to the basics of drainage installation. It will help you complete your drainage project efficiently and professionally and will

Seepage Drainage
Grounds Maintenance

Ground Maintenance Article Archive
Grounds Maintenance

Drainage Basins
Grounds Maintenance

Grounds maintenance products
Grounds Maintenance
This article previews products for the grounds maintenance and green industries, from mowers to insecticides to automatic yard watering kits.

Mowers/Mowing Components (Contractor/Institutional) Category Winner
Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Irrigation Systems | Hydration and irrigation systems for your commercial and residential grounds & landscapes
Grounds Maintenance
A collection of irrigation systems resources, from troubleshooting your irrigation system, to how to winterize your irrigation system.

August 1, 2002
Grounds Maintenance

Installing french drain and french drain installation
Grounds Maintenance, By Eric Liskey, editor
This page tells how to install a French drain.

CANFOR Withdraws EcoFlex Product from U.S. Markets
Grounds Maintenance

lawn art and painting lawn art
Grounds Maintenance, By Mike Hebrard
This article describes how to paint lawn art and design lawn art.

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