Grass Roots 

Although they are often ignored because of their nature, roots are an integral part of plants, playing important functions in regulating whole-plant growth....

New & Emerging Turf Diseases 

New diseases are constantly cropping up in the turfgrass industry. Pathologists are often asked to explain this phenomenon, and we have heard just about every theory in the book....

Control Options 

Annual bluegrass (Poa annua L.) is a problem nearly everywhere that the game of golf is played. It is commonly found throughout the world in both cool-season and warm-season regions where it invades well-maintained golf courses and increasingly is found in highly maintained sports turf....

In Season 

Cool- and warm-season turfgrasses differ in their vulnerability to diseases. In the mid-South, bentgrass suffers from a wide range of diseases....

Who's in Control? 

Beyond the fact that your customers want to get rid of them, what do you know about red imported fire ants (RIFA) and the options in controlling them?...

Easy on the Environment 

Environmental design is no longer an elite service reserved for the privileged few. More and more people around 50 million in the United States, according to California researchers Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson--have strong environmental values....

Charting Conversion 

Kentucky bluegrass was once used extensively on golf course fairways in the transition zone. During the past 25 years, mowing heights decreased and Kentucky bluegrass was largely replaced with perennial ryegrass because of its superior tolerance to low-mowing heights and its establishment vigor....

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