The Right and Wrong of Native Grasses 

The surge of interest in using ornamental grasses in landscape designs has recently shined the spotlight on some of our best native grasses. These cold-hardy,...

Plants Worth Your Time 

Without a doubt, plants are the foundation of the landscape industry, and the diversity of ornamental species and cultivars on the market allows for creative...

Keep trees on course 

Turf is usually the focus and primary objective on golf courses; trees often are a secondary issue. Yet, with a few noteworthy exceptions (the links of...

Flowering shrubs 

When it comes to choosing flowering shrubs, it's tempting to stick with a handful of tried and true favorites. And with good reason! You need plant material...

Perennial Plants in Spring 

A reader asks "We have had a bit of warm weather this past month and a few of my perennial plants are turning green at the soil line and look ready to grow. Do I need to be concerned or take action? " Read our response....

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